About East Tasty

Jordan Tepper, CCM


Hello fellow sugar fiends and food explorers,

I am Jordan Tepper, Chief Confection Maker at East Tasty Candy Company. I have always had a sweet tooth and a love of food. One of my passions is finding the mom and pop shop or hole in the wall restaurant that only the locals will visit.

The vision for East Tasty didn't come to me overnight, it started because of a candy making book and an impulse to make vanilla marshmallows and lollipops. After years of working on recipes and combining flavors, I opened up the East Tasty Candy Company test kitchen.

I will use my findings from my food explorations to indulge your taste buds in an experience that it has never endured before. Please enjoy my candy and dabble in my test kitchen. Bon appetit.  

Jordan Tepper, CCM